Circulating Water Channel

The advanced water channel(CWC) has been built for purpose of conducting studies on fisheries engineering in 1989. The CWC is utilized to analyze complicated ship hydrodynamics. Both qualitative and quantitative experiments are conducted to develop higher refined fishing vessels and to research problems concerned on fishing system.
Main characteristics
  • Type of CWC is vertical and main dimensions of measuring section are 8.0m in length, 2.8m in breadth and 1.4m in draft.
  • As special advanced equipment, two impellers driving system, surface flow accelerator and water volume adjustment machine and so on are installed for providing accuracy experiments under diminished steady wave and perfect uniformity flow.
  • Water volume is 280ton and maximum velocity is 3.0m/s .
  • Computer system is applied to control equipment automatically and to analyze the measured data directly.
Main tasks
  • Establishment of planning methods on fishing vessels
  • Optimization of fishing vessels under TAC fishery system
  • Developing of technologies concerned on fishing systems

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