Towing Tank

The Towing Tank was established in 1987.The towing carriage, an important element of the tank, is designed to meet with the development of high-speed fishing vessels. The recent research activities include the development of a new types of fishing vessels, seaworthiness and hull form improvement of fishing vessels, and related hydrodynamics research ,
( Main Characteristics )
  • The Main Carriage and the Y-Carriage with the Turn-table are installed in the tank. The Y-Carriage can be towed through connection with the Main Carriage.
  • The maximum towing speed of the Main Carriage is 5.0 m/sec. Thus model experiment can be carried out at Froude Number 1.6, when the model is 1.0m in length.
  • The Tank can be controlled by only one person by utilizing a computer and an optical beacon system.

( Main Tasks )
This Tank enabled us to have the following research projects;

  • Development of design methods for optimum fishing vessels.
  • Development of a new types of fishing vessels, especially high-speed fishing vessels, with high performance as well as with riding comfort.
  • Establishment of safety criteria to prevent high-speed fishing vessels from capsize.
  • Development of a new types of fishing gear.

Technical Data of Main Equipment

Description of Basin:
tank 137m in length, 6.0m in width, water depth 3.0m,
trimming tank fitted, 8m in length, 1.2m in width ,water depth 1.0m,
model rigging is facilitated by a suspended type hoist.
Description of Carriage:
Main Carriage, Y-Carriage with a Turn-table towed by the Main Carriage, single manned ,DC motor driven ,digital controlled by computer.
Type of Drive System and Total Power:
Thyrister leonard system, X-Carriage(22KWx4), Y-Carriage(3.7KWx2), Turn-table(0.2KWx2)
Maximum Carriage Speed:
5.0m/sec( only Main-Carriage) 3.0m/sec( with Y-Carriage:1.5m/sec and Turn-table:6.0rpm)
Other Capability:
wind blowers: maximum wind velocity 10m/sec, 2.2KWx2

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