Optics and radio wave lab.

By optical and electromagnetic methods, more precise and a larger amount of information can be obtained, and it can be transmitted longer in the air than by acoustic ones. These characteristics are utilized for development of variety of fishery observation systems.
1. darkroom
Size : 7.46m X 4.44m X 4.23m
2. Soft X-ray analysing system
Camera systems: Pbo and Image Intensifier TV camera systems
3. Optical experimental table
Size : 2000 X 1000 X 800mmC2000 X 1200 X 800mm
Maximum loading weight:300kg , 300kg
4. Clean Room(Class 1000)
5. Lasers
Argon laser (water cooling)
transmitted wave
: 514.5nm 1600mW
488.0nm 1400mW
Argon laser (air cooling)
transmitted wave
: 488.0nm 40mW
Helium neon laser
Transmitted wave
: 632.8nm 5mW
YAG laser
Transmitted wave
: 1064nm 5mW
Soft X-ray analysing system
Soft X-ray analysing system

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