Marine Dynamics Basin


The Marine Dynamics Basin was established in 1993. The Basin is suitable for realization of the ocean dynamic environment and is used for model experiments of fishing vessels and moored structures. The results contribute to safety in fisheries industry.
Main Characteristics
  • In the Basin, directional irregular water waves can be generated with a multi-element wave maker. These waves are similar to actual ocean waves.
  • The Basin is equipped with a Towing System, a X-Y Carriage and a Turn-table. With combinations of these Carriage motions, any planer behaviour of a model can be simulated.
  • The Basin can be controlled by only one person by utilizing a computer and an optical beacon system.
Main Tasks

This ‚aasin has enabled us to have the following research projects;
  • Establishment of safety criteria to avoid capsizing of fishing vessels.
  • Development of human-friendly fishing vessels by reducing oscillation in waves.
  • Establishment of reliability criteria to avoid damage of moored structures for aqua culture.

Technical Data of Main Equipment
Capsizing model experiments
Description of Basin tank 60m in length, 25m in width, water depth 3.2m,3m square pit at center allows max. depth of 6.2m, model rigging is facilitated by a suspended type hoist.
Description of Carriage single manned or remote-controlled X-Y Carriage with a Turn-table, DC motor driven ,digital controlled by computer.
Type of Drive System and Total Power thyrister leonard system, X-Carriage (22KWx4), Y-Carriage (5.5KWx2), Turn-table(l.8KWx2)
Maximum Carriage Speed 3.0m/sec (X-Carriage), 1.5m/sec (Y-Carriage), 6.0rpm(Turn-table)
Other Capability horizontal PMM tests and CMT tests with combined use of carriage control system,automatic tracking by X-Y Carriage, relative position of model measured by optical probe
Wave Generation Capability regular, period 0.3- 4.0sec, max. wave height 0.4m, irregular and transient water waves with expected directional spectra or shape.
Wave Maker type and Extent 80-segment plunger type driven by AC servo motor, 1.8KWx80, 25m wide.
Method of Irregular Wave Generation computer-generated for any wave spectrum, directional waves generated by double summation.
Wave Absorber three-slope solid structure coated with roughening bars, length 12.4m, slope at waterline 7.0 degrees.
Instrumentation the workstation in the main control room and on the Y-Carriage can each operate the carriage system,the wave generating system and the data acquisition system with use of optical beacon.
Model Size Range ship length from 1. 0m to 2.5m, standard model length 2.0m.

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