quacultural hydraulics lab.

In this laboratory, we are trying to understand hydlaulic characteristics of wave and flow force and other things operate on aquacultual facilities.
It is said that aquacultual facilicies are stracrurs by which we can realize maintanence and increase of fishery resources and stability of supply of fishery products by enngieering techniques.
Using those facilities, we can produce shch that fields below.
1. Artificial reef fishing ground
This is a place that using artificial reef, houde, hinding and feeding ground of fishes (which is for catching target mainly) are made and that neccecerily fishes are gathered for catch quota.
2. Fishing grownd for propagation
This is a plase that spawing chanber structure of sea foods and nuesery ground of lava are made using natural suones and artificial structures and that it make fishery resources increase.
3. Aquacultual ground
This is a place that see foods are managed by person from larva to growth fish in net cage for stability of supply on a fish market.
For example, we have those facilities . ----Artificial reef, Floating attractor,Artificial seaweeds bed, Spawnning chamber structure, Floating breakwater and Aquaculture nat cage.
As main structures in this laboratory ------,
1 Iregurrar wave deep water channel
(100m in length,1m in width,2.5m in depth,2m in depth of water)
2 Shallow water wave channel with wind tunnel
(70m in length,0.7m in width,2.2m in depth,1.2m in depth of water)
3 Slow speed flow channel
(65m in length,1.5m in width,1.5m in depth,1.2m in depth of water)

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