Coastal wave test basin

In this laboratory, there is a wave basin, that has four wave making machine. It measures 60 by 40 meters. By using this wave basin, we can get a grasp of the dynamic wave phenomena horizontally.
In this wave basin, we carry out the model experiments that simulate whole structure or whole fishing port, in order to investigate stability, wave reducing efficiency, and best position of fishing port facility.
Model experiment of breakwater

Model experiment of breakwater The basins of ports have tendency to pollute, because they are often surrounded by breakwater. So, from that point of ports' environment, we do model experiment of permeable breakwater, which can bring fresh seawater into the port by using wave power.
This picture shows, when the waves crash into the model breakwater (leftside of the picture), the colored water flow into the port (rightside of the picture).

Model experiment of island-type fishing port

Model experiment of island-type fishing port This picture is model experiment of island-type fishing port. By simulating whole fishing port in the basin, we try to investigate dynamic wave phenomena around the port that is difficult to estimate. The results make use of fishing port planning, when we consider the best position of the breakwater

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